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When you purchase or use a product, you are under the assumption that it will not only work properly but not harm you if used correctly. There are regulations and laws in place which are intended to protect you, but this does not completely stop companies from making defective products. If a product has failed or caused any type of damage or harm, you should speak with a Fishkill defective product lawyer right away.

Michael A. Fakhoury, Esq., P.C., is here for you. As the founding attorney, I am able to provide detailed guidance and counsel to every client that comes to my firm.

When Dangerous And Defective Products Cause Injury

I can examine your potential product liability lawsuit for any category of product, including:

  • Children’s toys
  • Cosmetics or makeup
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Appliances and home goods
  • Food products
  • Medical devices
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hip implants
  • Industrial machinery
  • Power tools
  • Airbag defects
  • Seatbelts defects
  • Rollover or roof crush
  • Harmful chemicals

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Types Of Product Liability Claims My Firm Represents

In order to file a product liability claim which involves injuries caused by a defective product, I must be able to establish liability. My firm has a proven track record of success and nearly 20 years of experience representing all types of personal injury cases, including defective products. I have represented thousands of cases during my time in practice and am committed to recovering fair compensation for your injuries.

There are three main categories that defective products fall into, which are:

  • Defects in design: This refers to any products which were incorrectly designed, especially if there were any foreseeable risks.
  • Defects in manufacturing or production: Any product which was incorrectly manufactured or produced below industry standards or regulations.
  • Defects in warning labels: Products which can cause any type of risk to harm must include instructions or a warning label.

Stryker LFIT V40 Recalls

In August of 2016, The Stryker LFIT Anatomic Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) V40 femoral head artificial hip replacement system was voluntarily recalled on a limited basis. If you or someone you know has a LFIT Anatomic CoCr V40 femoral head and has experienced unexpected pain, loss of mobility, inflammation, instability or other hip-related problems, you should immediately consult with our experienced attorneys. We can evaluate your case and determine if you are entitled to financial compensation.

The recall included femoral heads diameter and neck offsets of:

  • 36+5
  • 40+4
  • 40+8
  • 40+12
  • 44+4
  • 44+8
  • 44+12

One of the hazards that was reported was disassociation of the femoral head-stem and Gross Trunnion Failure (GTF). However, the “Urgent Medical Device Recall Notification” left out any mention of reported events of head/taper corrosion at the interface with the Titanium stem.

The primary concern with the Stryker LFIT Anatomic Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) V40 femoral head is a problem with the juncture where the head of the hip meets the stem. One concern is that the juncture was not properly designed, which can cause the two different pieces of metal to rub against each other. When this occurs, it causes corrosion and the release of cobalt and chromium ions into the hip joint.

According to the FDA:

“There are some case reports of the metal particles causing a reaction around the joint, leading to deterioration of the tissue around the joint, loosening of the implant and failure of the device … In addition, some metal ions from the implant may enter into the bloodstream. There have been a few recent case reports of patients with metal-on-metal hip implants developing a reaction to these ions and experiencing medical problems that might have been related to their implants, including effects on the nervous system, heart and thyroid gland.”

Unfortunately, the LFIT Anatomic CoCr V40 femoral heads have a high risk of taper lock failures. Possible side effects of taper lock failure include:

  • Adverse reaction in local tissue
  • Broken bones around the components
  • Discrepancy in leg length
  • Dislocation
  • Inflammation
  • Joint instability
  • Loss of mobility
  • Pain
  • The need for revision surgery

New Multidistrict Litigation

The Joint Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has provided an update that all federally-filed Stryker LFit V40 hip lawsuits are to be consolidated before one Federal District Judge for coordinated pretrial proceedings as part of a new multidistrict litigation (MDL). This will be held in Massachusetts.

Our firm has already filed lawsuits on behalf of our clients regarding this recalled product. The V40 heads were used in the following Stryker products: Accolade TMZF, Hfx, Citation, LASST, Accolade II, Anato, Secur-Fit Advanced, and LSP76.

Believe you may have a Stryker V40 Head or a Stryker Accolade TMZF stem? If you are suffering pain, likely caused by metal corrosion, I encourage you to contact my office today for legal insight. As a Fishkill product defect lawyer, I can help you pursue a claim.

Representing Injured Victims Across New York

As a skilled Fishkill defective product attorney, you can rely on me to guide you through every step in the complex process of filing a product liability claim. Regardless of the complexity of your case, I am dedicated to thoroughly investigating your case and treating it with the diligence it deserves.

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