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Explore Bankruptcy Alternatives If You Are Seeking Relief From Debt

If you are drowning in debt and looking for a solution, you may have considered bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy is an effective and common answer for debt relief, it is not the only one out there.

At Michael A. Fakhoury, Esq., P.C., I am committed to ensuring my clients know about all of their options and guiding you towards the most effective form of debt relief. I can help you decide whether an alternative to bankruptcy is more appropriate for your unique situation.

Contact a skilled Fishkill debt relief lawyer. We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code and other alternatives.

What Are The Alternatives To Bankruptcy?

If you have already decided that bankruptcy is not right for you, have no fear. Filing for bankruptcy is not the only way to seek relief and there are other ways to solve your deep financial debt. Whatever you choose to do, I will be here to support and guide you through the process.

A few of the alternatives to bankruptcy I may recommend include:

  • Creditor negotiation – Creditor negotiation allows you to negotiate with debt collectors for a lower settlement amount, rather than paying the full amount you owe.
  • Debt consolidation – Debt consolidation allows you to refinance your current debts by taking out another loan or line of credit to help pay off your debt.
  • Debt restructuring – Similar to debt consolidation, debt restructuring allows you to reduce or negotiate overdue debts.
  • Home loan modifications – Also known as mortgage modification, this process refers to the modification of a home mortgage contract.
  • Credit counseling – Credit counseling can help you work toward debt settlement through education regarding spending, budgeting, etc.
  • Short sale – A short sale involves selling a home or property for less than its estimated value; this process must be agreed to by all lien holders.

The bottom line of these solutions is to try to negotiate for lower principle owed, lower payments, lower interest rates, and an extended loan period.

Exploring Solutions To Your Financial Problems

Financial crises rarely happen overnight, but it can be difficult to come to terms with how serious your debt is. As a debt relief agency in Fishkill, I can help you look at your financial situation and determine what solution will be effective to provide you with relief from your debt. This will likely involve developing a strategy tailored to your debt-relief needs and ensuring you understand all methods involved in removing debt.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.